This Wiener Dog Turned Into More of a ‘Sausage’ Due to a Medical Issue

We relish little Trevor even though his story is the wurst
Sausage Dog Inflated, but is OK Now

Trevor the dachshund suffered a rare medical condition that caused his body to puff up like a bloated sausage link.

A U.K. dachshund suffered a rare medical condition that caused his body to puff up like a bloated sausage link.

As a food site, we usually write about a different kind of hot dog, but frankly (see what we did there?) we simply could not stop talking about this wiener dog and his issues: Trevor, a 4-year-old dachshund from the U.K., swelled up like a sausage thanks to a rare medical condition.

Trevor’s owner, a Cheshire woman named Fran Jennings, said via a press release from the Willows Veterinary Group, which treated the puffed-up pup, that at first, they had no idea what had happened to their beloved Hebrew National-bodied friend. The 49-year-old mother of three said, “We came down and found Trevor in a bad state, he literally looked like he'd blown up like a balloon and we had no idea what had happened.”

Willows Veterinary Group

Vets at Willows Veterinary Group helped Trevor when he ‘blew up like a balloon’ following an injury to his widepipe.

Jennings took the absolutely stuffed-looking wiener to the emergency vet after he had swollen to three times his normal size. “We put him straight in the car and took him to the emergency vets and they had never seen anything quite like it,” she explained. “Whatever it was, it affected his breathing so we had to leave him there while they tried to find out what was wrong.”

"He looked like a big fat seal. His whole body was like a blob,” added Jennings’ daughter Jessica.

It was revealed that Trevor had sub-cutaneous emphysema, a hole in his windpipe that was trapping air under his skin, causing him to bloat at an alarming rate. Veterinarian Michelle Coward of Willows Veterinary Group, said she’d never seen anything like it.

Willows Veterinary Group

Trevor the brave dachshund has made a great recovery with help from vets at Willows Veterinary Group.

“There were no external injuries that would explain how air had got under the skin, so we suspected that an internal injury to the airway or esophagus could have been allowing the air to leak into the body. Every time he took a breath, some of the inhaled air escaped through a hole in his windpipe around the muscles and fatty tissue under the skin,” she explained in the release.

Willows Veterinary Group

Vet Rachel Dean is pictured with Trevor’s owner Fran Jennings.

Luckily, the little dog’s medical issue was corrected with a surgical procedure to relieve the pressure and deflate him, as well as to close the hole. According to his family, Trevor is back in good health. “He's back to his normal self, chasing the chickens and we wouldn't have him any other way,” Jessica said.


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