White Chocolate Twix Are Back Permanently

Calling all white chocolate lovers!

Mars is bringing their white chocolate Twix bars back for good this November, right after Halloween.

White chocolate Twix will now be available for the foreseeable future.

Last year, Mars released the white chocolate version of the cookie-candy-bar favorite and saw enough success with the product to make it a permanent part of the Twix collection.

Brand Eating reported that the shortbread cookie bar layered with caramel and covered in white chocolate, although previously offered as a seasonal item, will be available in single and “2 to Go” bars as well as fun-size bags beginning this November.


Although November is still a week away, the white chocolate version of the American classic is now also available on Amazon, in case form. Although Twix White won’t be released until after Halloween, the standard Twix is sure to remain one of America’s favorite Halloween candies.