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Mid-Atlantic chain Red Hot & Blue was founded by Washington insiders including former RNC chairman Lee Atwater.

What’s the best barbecue chain in America? It’s a question that’s easier asked than answered. There are hundreds of restaurants across the country that specialize in the fine art of smoked meats, and dozens more can consider themselves chains. We’ve rounded up nearly 60 top barbecue restaurants with multiple locations from across the country, and we’re leaving it to you to vote for your favorites and help us decide which ones come out on top.

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When you’re in the mood for barbecue, nothing less than the best will do. The art of smoking meat is a very difficult one to master, and maintaining quality control in one restaurant is hard enough as it is, let alone multiple locations. The owners of these restaurants, some of which are older than 50 years old, have defied the odds and proven that great barbecue can indeed be replicated.

Every restaurant with three or more locations is fair game, from the big guys like Dickey’s to small regional chains like Full Moon in Alabama and Goode Co. in Houston. So click here to take our survey, in which you can vote for up to 20 restaurants (and tell your friends!). Restrict your votes to restaurants that you’ve visited recently, and make sure that you only vote for ones you think are deserving of praise. And if you think we missed one, feel free to write it in!

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