Wendy's Will Give You Free Chicken Tenders Today If You Know the Password

No, the password isn’t ‘password’

Wendy’s is giving away free chicken tenders in honor of National Chicken Tenders Day if customers give a password to the cashier. 

There is no better way to celebrate “national whatever day” than with a free version of that item. In honor of National Chicken Tenders Day on Friday July 27, Wendy’s is giving customers two delicious chicken tenders for free — yes for free — but only if you know the secret password. Luckily you won’t have to spend half your day guessing what it is, because Wendy’s Twitter account already tweeted it out.

“Want your 2-pc Chicken Tenders for free? The password is "Winner, Winner Chicken Tender," the brand tweeted with a photo of some delectable-looking tenders and a side order of fries. “Come to Wendy's today only to celebrate #NationalChickenTendersDay. While supplies last!” So basically, slip that cashier the magic words and you’ll be granted two chicken tenders for the low, low price of $0.00. Amazing.

While you may only be getting a moderate quantity, you’ll be getting two tenders of quality. According to People, in 2017 Wendy’s invested $30 million in changes to their chicken to improve its quality and taste. The company has switched to using smaller birds nationwide, which improves taste and overall customer satisfaction. Plus, today they’re free. Winner, winner chicken tender, indeed.

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