Chicken Big Mac
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We Tried McDonald’s Secret Chicken Big Mac, and It’s a Little Absurd

Two fried chicken patties aren’t entirely necessary
Chicken Big Mac
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It's a big sandwich.

Hot on the heels of the news that McDonald’s has added a Chicken Big Mac to its menu in Australia and New Zealand, we decided to head over to our local Golden Arches to try to cobble together one for ourselves. We succeeded, and after having tried the thing, we can safely say that this is one delicious beast.

As we know, McDonald’s doesn’t really have a secret menu per se; if you want something, all you have to do is ask for it, and they’ll do their best to assemble it and figure out how much to charge you for it. Some orders are more complicated than others, of course, but it only took the store’s employees a couple minutes to figure this one out.

After placing my order — a Big Mac, but with fried chicken patties instead of burger patties — the counterman spent a few seconds attempting to enter it into his computer before becoming completely befuddled. His manager came over to help, and together they figured out a way to make it work; the extra chicken patty added $2.25 to the bill, bringing the grand total to $7.29 for the meal (including fries and drink).

Dan Myers

The sandwich is completely over the top. We decided to opt for the Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Filet, but if you decide to order this for yourself we suggest you ask for the smaller McChicken Patty instead. The sandwich was massive, but all the flavors really worked well together — the pickles and Big Mac sauce played off the fried chicken patty nicely, and while the second patty wasn’t really necessary, it was a serious hunger buster.


We may not be ordering this one again, but the next time we get a fried chicken sandwich from McDonald’s, we’ll be ordering it with pickles and Big Mac sauce.