McDonald’s Is Giving Away Bottles of Special Sauce to Celebrate New Big Mac Sizes

McDonald’s is giving away 10,000 bottles of special sauce in honor of the new Grand Mac and Mac Jr.

We think McDonald’s missed the opportunity to call them Mac Daddy and Lil’ Mac.

All McDonald’s fans know that special sauce is an integral part of the Big Mac formula, and now the Golden Arches is giving away 10,000 bottles of the stuff just to celebrate the launch of two new Big Mac sizes.

Starting this week, you’ll be able to choose between the regular Big Mac; the Grand Mac made with two larger beef patties (that’s one-third of a pound of meat), more cheese, and more bun; and the Mac Jr., which is your standard Mac toppings piled on top of one single beef patty.

Also arriving this week: McDonald’s is giving away 10,000 free bottles of special sauce until supplies last. To snag a bottle for yourself, you have to utter the phrase, “There’s a Big Mac with that,” at any participating McDonald’s. The 10,001st bottle will be auctioned off to support the Ronald McDonald House charity.

"The Big Mac Sauce is unique to McDonald’s and includes a classic combination of ingredients. The Bic Mac Sauce remains timeless and customers around the world continue to enjoy its signature taste,” McDonald's spokeswoman Becca Hary said in a statement.


The bottled special sauce has been kicking around for a while in international McDonald’s markets, but this is the first time it will be introduced to American customers.