Watch: Hot Dog Eating Champion Matt Stonie Tackles Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Matt Stonie devoured 12 pints of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in less than 36 minutes

Each pint was a different flavor.

Competitive eater Matt Stonie has resurfaced to devour some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Stonie, also known as Megatoad, made his name nationally known after beating perennial champion Joey Chestnut at this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, held on July 4.

As a follow-up to his stunning victory, Stonie took on a new challenge: Twelve pints, or a gallon and a half, of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The video begins with Stonie picking out various pints of Ben & Jerry’s at a local grocery store, where he makes sure to only buy the best.

“I’m going all out,” Stonie says before starting the challenge. “None of that diet, ice-cheap crap from the store. This is full-fat, no diet, premium ice cream.”

Stonie finished all 12 pints in 35 minutes and 40 seconds, even after suffering a brain freeze within the first two minutes. That’s less than three minutes per pint!

When all was said and done, Stonie consumed 13,400 calories, 780 grams of fat, 1,400 grams of carbohydrates, 1,180 grams of sugar, and 212 grams of protein in a little over half an hour.

All of that ice cream wasn’t easy for Stonie to down.

“It didn’t go nearly as well as I planned,” says Stonie after the challenge. “I don’t know what I was thinking. But it sounded like a good idea on paper.”

If you’re interested in seeing what someone eating 12 pints of ice cream in 36 minutes looks like, check out the video below.