This Competitive Eater Consumed 120 Twinkies in 6 Minutes: That’s 16,200 Calories

Matt Stonie just became the victor of something most of us wouldn’t even dream of attempting: the World Twinkie Eating Contest

Give this man a medal and a strict menu of salad for the next week.

Even the folks who protested the brief disappearance of the popular golden Hostess snack probably don’t love Twinkies this much. Matt “Megatoad” Stonie, 19, competitive eater, is now the Twinkie champion: He won last week’s World Twinkie Eating Contest by consuming 120 Twinkies in six minutes.In case you’re counting, that’s 16,200 calories, or a little more than 8 days’ worth of food for someone eating a 2,000-calorie per day diet. According to Calorie King’s fitness tracker, it would take almost 31 hours of jogging to work off those Twinkies.

But Stonie is a professional. According to his profile on the Major League of Eating, he’s ranked No. 3 worldwide, just behind Joey “Jaws” Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti. But this time around, he beat out Chestnut, winning by a landslide with 35 more Twinkies eaten. Stonie’s other accomplishments include eating 182 strips of bacon in five minutes and 14.5 pounds of birthday cake in eight minutes.


Surprisingly, Stonie has stayed extremely thin — he weighs just 120 pounds — despite his competitive eating habits. He has not revealed his fitness or diet routine, but if he’s anything like the world-famous Joey Chestnut, he focuses on training like an Olympic athlete, but with food.