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Restaurant's Jumbo Aquarium Cracks, Sending Dining Room Into a Frenzy

Some fish were allegedly harmed in the incident
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Dinner service at a Vietnamese restaurant was a little wetter than expected after its giant aquarium cracked, pouring onto the floor and spraying nearby diners. Cellphone footage of the incident was uploaded to Facebook by Wendy Young, who was out to eat with her mother at Vietopia in Houston, Texas.

“I took my mom to Vietopia for dinner and the giant aquarium cracked!” she captioned the clip. “The staff got to work cleaning pronto and people are still being served.”

In the video, staffers can be seen working diligently to move surrounding tables and chairs while attempting to catch the steady stream in large trash cans.

“They are working very diligently,” Young wrote in a comment beneath the post. “There were loud screams when it happened and several people got wet. Hopefully they receive a few free meals.”

As for the fish, employees scooped them out with nets. But after someone commented on the post inquiring about their well-being, Young said she was “informed that some did not make it.” The video has now been viewed more than 12,000 times.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Vietopia for comment.

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