Velveeta Bagel Bites and 9 More Insane Mashups That Could Come Out of the Kraft-Heinz Merger

The delicious (and gross) possibilities are endless

Ketchup-flavored Kraft Singles are the ultimate burger topper. 

On March 25, Food giants Heinz and Kraft announced that they’d be joining forces to create the world’s fifth largest food company. With revenues of at least $28 billion, Kraft Heinz will be home to “an unparalleled portfolio of iconic brands,” according to the company, many of which are household names. And in this era of the mashup, the possibilities of what these two forces can create when they put their heads together are really exciting. We decided to do the work for them, and came up with ten wild (genius?) Kraft-Heinz mashups that just might work.

Velveeta Bagel Bites and 9 More Insane Mashups That Could Come Out of the Kraft-Heinz Merger (Slideshow)

Both Kraft and Heinz own a wide variety of brands, many of which you probably didn’t even realize fell under their umbrellas. Heinz, for instance, doesn’t just market products with "Heinz" on the label: they also own Bagel Bites, Classico tomato sauce, Jack Daniel’s Sauces, Lea & Perrins, Ore-Ida, Smart Ones, and TGI Friday’s frozen appetizers, among other products. And as for Kraft, they own 30 American brands, including A1, Cheez Whiz, Cool Whip, Jell-O, Lunchables, Oscar Mayer, Miracle Whip, Planters, and Stove Top.

As you can see, the mashup possibilities are endless, but we didn’t just smash two random products together when thinking up our suggestions. Anyone can think to combine, say, ketchup and Jell-O; that’s gross and makes no sense. On the other hand, some combinations work a little too well and aren’t surprising enough for our list, like using Kraft’s Philadelphia cream cheese in T.G.I Friday’s jalapeno poppers, or Kraft’s Polly-O string cheese on Bagel Bites. Yawn.

Bridging the gap between the disgusting and the boring, we found the happy medium where these mashups are so crazy that they just might work. We’re not saying that they’re not a little insane, but hey, when you’ve got some of the most legendary brands on earth in your portfolio, why not mash them all together and see what happens?

Stove Top Stuffing, Ore-Ida Tater Tots

Tater Tot stuffing is the Thanksgiving tradition that’s just waiting to happen.


Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Heinz Chili Sauce

Adding sriracha to macaroni and cheese is super-trendy; why not include a packet of Heinz Chili Sauce in the famous blue box to get in on the action?