What to Eat in Charleston: Boiled Peanuts

Don’t get this Southern staple just anywhere — take our advice

Timbo, and his bright orange (peanut-shaped) recycled airstream/permanent stand, have been selling the treat year-round Wednesday through Sunday in West Ashley for more than 20 years.

Designated the official state snack of South Carolina in 2006, boiled peanuts are a staple in the Lowcountry. One can find a stand or cart pulled up in most major thoroughfares throughout Charleston, and here are some options on how to grab the popular treat:

  • "Tony the Peanut Man" is a legend around town and can be found selling his tasty treats as he sings his popular jingles at one of many places around Charleston and at events including at a Charleston Riverdogs game. He cannot be missed as he sports his signature T-shirt and sweetgrass basket hat. He even has his own mascot that makes appearances around promoting his love of peanuts.
  • Charleston natives Matt Lee and Ted Lee (famed authors, writers, and lovers of all things Charleston), can ship them to you from their Boiled Peanuts Catalog. Lucky for peanut lovers, they can be shipped anywhere in 5-pound packs that are ready to be consumed upon arrival. Die-hard fans will want to be sure to add an "I brake for boiled peanuts" T-shirt or bumper sticker to your shopping cart before checking out.
  • Regional grocers like Piggly Wiggly are well stocked, so grab a pound or two and boil yourself using a recipe like this one.