The Vegan Seafood Tower: This. Changes. Everything.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate “seafood” tower?

Crossroads Kitchen

The vegan seafood tower.

Behold the plant-based seafood tower that’s revolutionizing the world one palate at a time. Including artichoke oysters Rockefeller, smoked-carrot lox with kelp caviar, and sustainably sourced hearts of palm calamari, the tower mimics the taste of seafood (without harming sea life) and brings fine dining to a whole new level.

Crossroads chef Tal Ronnen credits the “naturally seafood-like flavor of Lobster Mushrooms,” which he serves tempura style, with inspiring this tower.

The all-vegan seafood tower, pictured above, consists of the following:

  • Fresh hearts of palm calamari
  • Casino-style shiitake mushrooms
  • Artichoke oyster mushrooms Rockefeller
  • Tempura-battered lobster mushrooms
  • Louie-style hearts of palm salad
  • Smoked-carrot lox with kelp caviar and almond-milk crème fraîche
  • Shiitake oyster-style shooter with a choice of vodka or tequila
  • A house-made cocktail, tartar, and mignonette sauce

Are you ready to experience the ultimate “seafood” tower? If you’re in Southern California, head to Crossroads restaurant for your market-priced fill, and order early — this dish sells out every night.

If you’re as impressed and excited as we are about the innovations in plant-based dining, pledge never to eat seafood.

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