This Twitter Thread About Dogs Named After Food Is So Cute We Just Want to Eat Them Up

This is the cutest Twitter thread ever

The hashtag #PetsNamedAfterFood got its own Twitter moment after many social media users sent pics to Ana Marie Cox, who really got the hashtag running.

Ana Marie Cox, founding editor of the political blog Wonkette and New York Times Magazine “Talk” interviewer started a Twitter thread of animals with food names and it is just scrumptious.

The thread started after she retweeted a photo of a sweet looking corgi at Corgi Beach Day in Southern California named Loaf. 

She hashtagged the retweeted “pets named after food,” and the thread was born.

Quickly, people began submitting pictures of their sweet pets named after specific snacks, drinks, and meals posing for the camera.

Some Twitter users explained the names for their pets. “Maki got her name because she was as small as a little sushi roll,” Emily Hahn explained.

“My little dumpling, Gyoza,” wrote Rick Newberger.


Although it’s totally fine to name your pet after any food you want, you still need to be careful about what people-food you feed them. These are 15 foods you should never feed your pets.