Trump to Dine on Beef Ribs and 360-Year-Old Soy Sauce on Visit to South Korea

Fermented foods are a delicacy in South Korea

On Donald Trump’s recent visit to Japan, he dined on all-American beef burgers, steak, and ice cream. At the president’s next destination — Seoul, South Korea — the dinner menu reflects the country’s own cuisine. At Blue House restaurant, Trump will be served beef ribs accompanied by a gravy made with a fancy 360-year-old soy sauce.

Fermented food is a staple in South Korea. At a food show in 2012, a soy sauce claimed to be 405 years old sold for $90,000, according to AFP News.

“I’ve had fermented soy sauce. To me it was just very salty. But I do hope POTUS tries to use chopsticks,” @ghobubo wrote on Twitter.

“Koreans are too pleased with their own food. It’s not for everyone; should be gracious and provide something more familiar to POTUS,” @kaybuenosyo said, referring to the president's usual diet of cornflakes, Keebler Vienna Fingers, and meatloaf sandwiches.

But for dessert, Blue House will indeed serve one of the wealthy gourmand’s favorites: chocolate cake, which is apparently a great dish for diplomacy. During an interview with Fox News, Trump recollected what he was doing while the U.S. launched 59 unmanned missiles into Syria: sharing “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you have ever seen” with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago resort.

According to Bloomberg, Trump is in South Korea to meet with U.S. troops and President Moon Jae-in to talk about relations with North Korea. During their initial meeting, Trump said he’d negotiate “good deals” with Moon that would lead to military sales and a decrease in the trade deficit. Moon applauded Trump for “making America great again” and complimented him on leading international efforts to deal with nuclear threats from North Korea.


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