Tres Carnes: A Mexican Barbecue Retreat in New York City

Smoked brisket and pork shoulder get the Tex-Mex treatment
Tres Carnes

Food is fresh and well-prepared. 

While Chipotle attempts to recover from their infamous norovirus outbreak, many people are still hesitant to return to their once-beloved Mexican hotspot. With no shortage of eateries throughout Manhattan, there is one spot that is ideal for people looking get their Tex-Mex fix. Tres Carnes boasts three locations in Manhattan and one on Long Island, and serves the city’s most flavorful Texas smoked Mexican grub.

As people enter one of their quant locations, they will be welcomed to a rustic atmosphere that is filled with aromas of smoked brisket and pork shoulder. If the barbecue scent is not enough to lure people in, than their vast menu filled with burritos, salads, bowls and tacos are guaranteed to do the trick. Choosing the right burrito might be the hardest decision of the day; people cannot go wrong with their signature El Jefe. This hefty burrito is made with smoked brisket, green poblano rice; Blackeyed black beans, guacamole, pico, Cotija cheese, crema and hint of lime. Within one bite people can picture themselves in a taqueria along the Mexican coast.

Constantly surprising their customers, Tres Carnes offers weekly meat specials that can be added to any of their offerings. Sticking to their Mexican roots, they have offered chorizo, which are deep smoked Mexican sausage and the savory and smoky tender pork cheeks. Enjoying lunch or dinner, people cannot leave without ordering their guacamole or one of their signature salsas. With four types of mouthwatering salsa, diners can see if they can standup to the intense XXX Hot Tres Fuegos or need start with the Mild Pico. Both offer a unique variation to the beloved dip.

After letting your tastebuds take you to Mexico, people can wash down their meal with their homemade Fresh Agave Limeade, which is a Mexica twist to the refreshing Lemonade or grab a bottle of authentic Mexican soda. Take a sip of the Jarritos’ Tamarindo flavor soda, which boasts a sweet somewhat fruity taste that will make people wanting more.


Standing out from the rest of the Mexican grab and go spots, Tres Carnes exemplifies that authentic Mexican cuisine can be made fresh and conveniently. With locations throughout the city, there is no need to go to back to Chipotle for your Mexican fix.