Tourists Contributed a Record $1.27 Billion to Napa Valley Economy in 2015

Last year, visitors to Napa Valley added more than $1 billion to the local economy and added 3.7 percent more jobs
Tourists Contributed a Record $1.27 Billion to Napa Valley Economy in 2015


Visitors spent the bulk of their money in Napa’s hospitality and food industries, which saw $355 million and $331 million, respectively.

Visitors to Napa Valley, California, contributed $1.27 billion to the region’s economy in 2015, a record figure that represents an 8.9 percent increase from 2014, according to a report from the state’s tourism board.

The economic boost from tourism to Napa Valley was also the highest percentage increase of all 58 counties in California, and contributed to a 3.7 percent increase in tourism-related jobs for local residents, no doubt in part due to Napa’s thriving wine industry.

In 2015, the highest portion of visitor spending, $355 million, was for accommodations, while Napa’s food industry saw a $331 million boost, an increase of 10 percent from 2014. Lastly, retail sales accounted for $224 million in tourism-related income.

“These figures prove that the travel and tourism industry is an extremely powerful economic driver for the Napa Valley,” said Clay Gregory, president of Visit Napa Valley.


During 2015, global exports of American wine, 90 percent of which is produced in California, also reached a record figure of $1.61 billion, representing a revenue increase of 7.6 percent from the previous year.