Texas Restaurant Issues ‘Rule Cards’ to Parents Who Bring Their Children

The owners of Cuchara have one-of-a-kind artwork from Mexico that cannot be replaced

Sofia Van Der Dys

The rule cards state that kids must behave and sit still with their parents.

A restaurant in Houston is handing out “rule cards” to parents who bring their children in to dine.

Ana Beaven and Charlie McDaniel own the Mexican restaurant Cuchara. The couple, who have owned the restaurant for three years, decorated it with a collection of artworks sourced mostly from Mexico.

“They are almost impossible to replace,” Beavan told ABC11 News.

The pair decided to provide “rule cards”  for their customers in an attempt to preserve the artwork and prevent damage to the decor. The cards state that children will not wander around the restaurant without their parents and will not, “scream, throw tantrums or touch the walls, murals, windows, or anything of the other patrons.”

In one incident, Beaven said, "[T]he child jumped on top of the chair and then started [climbing] up a wall.” Another child "took a quarter and began marking [and] doing tic-tac-toe.”

That second incident cost the restaurant $1,500 in damage repairs.

“We had already warned them a few times not to let [the child] run,” according to McDaniel.The mother at first refused to pay damages, but eventually agreed to contribute $40 to cover the cost of new paint. “Of course we got bad reviews on social media from her,” McDaniel told ABC11 News.


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