Guy Fieri

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Survey: Tell Us How You REALLY Feel About Guy Fieri

The pop culture phenomenon is one of the most polarizing people in food

Guy Fieri is easily one of the most polarizing figures in the food world today. He’s the host of Food Network’s insanely popular Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, he runs several extremely successful restaurants, and he’s even got his own wine business. But for many of the same reasons why people love him – his exuberance, his Cali bro shtick, his glorification of thousand-calorie dishes – lots of people also wish he would just disappear. How do you feel about him?

With his laid-back vibe, spiky blond hair, and roster of catchphrases (many of which involve the fictional utopia of Flavortown), Fieri has latched onto a zeitgeist and hasn’t let go. On DDD, he travels across the country showcasing the hardworking small-town chefs who are turning out delicious creations at unheralded restaurants (something he rightfully should be commended for), but his own restaurants, which are essentially just showcases of Fieri’s cult of personality, couldn’t be further from the restaurants he showcases on television. And he’s become a franchise in his own right on Food Network; there’s rarely a night where DDD isn’t airing.

But how to you feel about the guy? Do you love him, binge-watch “Triple-D”, and eat at his restaurant whenever you’re in New York, or do you wish he would just go away already? Take the survey below and let us know!

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