Reviews By Borough from The Stats: Wells, Sifton, and Bruni Through Six Months

The Stats: Wells, Sifton, and Bruni Through Six Months

Ariel Kaminsky and Nathan Cyphert
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Reviews By Borough

The critics were even on one count: reviews by borough. No surprise. Still, with 25 of his reviews in Manhattan, Wells has been more likely than Sifton (23 restaurants) and Bruni (22) to review restaurants there. At this point, Sifton and Bruni had reviewed restaurants in both Brooklyn (three each) and Queens (one each).

Bruni, the most adventurous, reviewed Blue Hill at Stone Barns as far out of the city as Westchester. You could argue that Dan Barber’s restaurant was a special case. Though Mario Batali’s Tarry Lodge restaurants in Port Chester and Westport could merit similar attention, reviews beyond The Times’ regional sections. If Bruni’s authority stretched that far, why not? Do his outerborough roots (the Rhode Island native calls Brooklyn home) inspire focus on Manhattan? Who knows. But his outerborough reviews include two Brooklyn restaurants.