American Licorice Is Bringing Back Sour Punch Grape Straws

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American Licorice — the confectioner behind Red Vines — is relaunching one of its least popular candies: Sour Punch Grape Straws. The gummy purple sweet treat was introduced to the American market more than two decades ago, but was discontinued shortly after because kids thought the artificial flavor tasted too much like cough medicine.

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Despite the fact that this product very obviously flopped, a brand spokesperson told The Daily Meal that Sour Punch Grape Straws are the company's most-requested product. In fact, the social media team and consumer complaints department have been steadily fielding requests for the brand to bring back grape-flavored Sour Punch Straws — so they did.

The "cough syrup"-flavored candy is currently being sold on Amazon for a limited time only for $11.99 per six-pack.

2019 seems to be the year for giving new life to past failures. Coca-Cola recently revived New Coke — which is considered one of the biggest duds in history — and people went nuts for it even though everyone had thrown an absolute fit over the recipe change 34 years prior. And the thing is, we tried it and liked it. In fact, we thought it was better than classic Coca-Cola, so there's hope for Sour Punch Grape Straws too. Perhaps it's time to resurface Colgate lasagna, Life Savers soda and 14 other food products that failed miserably.