The Six Best Places to Score a Cold Treat in Houston

When the weather gets hot, these places offer the tastiest ways to cool down

SMOOSH offers a scrumptious butter pecan ice cream which pairs perfectly with warm chocolate chip cookies.

If you are not from Texas, you might not know that 80-degree weather rolls in around early April, and it just gets worse from there. For instance, temperatures of 100 degrees or more are not uncommon for us Houstonians in the summer months. If you find yourself on the verge of melting, or perhaps you're already sweating bullets, here’s a list of six top-notch places you can get a chilly treat to beat the Houston heat!

MAM’s House of Ice
MAM’s serves New Orleans-style snoballs right out of its cozy shop in the Heights. What’s better than fluffy ice drowned in sugary syrup? Nothin'. My suggestion: Add condensed milk or gummy bears to top off your snoball for an extra hint of sugary goodness.

One of my personal favorites, SMOOSH, serves up custom ice cream sandwiches out of its bright turquoise food truck in Rice Village ― you can’t miss it! Order your choice of a warm cookie (waffles available on Wednesdays and churros available on Fridays) and your favorite ice cream flavor and top it with one or more of SMOOSH's 15 available toppings. If you want to skip lunch and go straight to dessert, order the Cookie Split: your choice of any two cookies, any three flavors of ice cream, any two toppings, all complete with whipped cream, and of course, a cherry on top! Check out SMOOSH’s instagram for a schedule of times of where the truck will be parked.

Fat Cat Creamery
Fat Cat Creamery specializes in handmade small batch ice cream made from local ingredients. It offers five year-round flavors (Chai tea coconut is my fave ― so refreshing!), and lists its seasonal flavors on its website. Next time you are in the Heights and in need of a scoop, look for the orange cat!

Empire Cafe
If you are a mango-lover, you will love this! Empire Cafe serves up a peach mango slushee called Justice Juice. Every time I take a friend out to Empire, I always make them try some Justice Juice and I have never let a friend down. I rant and rave about this stuff ― and you will too, once you try it!

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Class 502
If you are an avid foodsta follower, I am sure by now you have seen the latest craze ― rolled ice cream. Visit Class 502 in Chinatown to experience the craze. Order your choice of ice cream and sit to eat your creation at a desk next to a wall-sized chalkboard ― hence the name. The restaurant also offers tea and tapioca. Just expect to wait in a line of 15 minutes minimum! Rolled ice cream is a hot commodity in Houston!

Hopdoddy (Opening Late May in River Oaks District)
One of my favorite burger places in Austin is Hopdoddy, and thank goodness it is opening a location in Houston! Not only are its burgers amazing, but its shakes are to die for. Vanilla bean, oreo, caramel & sea salt, red velvet, stout chocolate, and my favorite, nutella and chocolate pretzel, are your flavor options. You place your milkshake order while you are in line (the wait is long sometimes, but for sure worth it), so make sure to save room for your burger!

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