Shake Shack’s New Cherry Blossom Shake Is Pretty in Pink

Celebrate spring with this very photogenic drink

Spring is here at long last, and Shake Shack is celebrating with a new drink. The chain just introduced a strikingly colorful cherry blossom shake. It’s pretty in pink and Instagram-ready — but don’t wait to nab this striking sipper, because it won’t be around forever.

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The cherry blossom shake is made from a blend of vanilla frozen custard and cherry blossom, and the whole concoction is topped with pink chocolate curls. It’s available for a limited time only. (Shake Shack didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about when time will be up for the shake.)

Cherry blossom-flavored items have long been big in Japan — Shake Shack has featured a similar drink at Japanese locations since 2016 and introduced two different versions there earlier this year — so it’s nice to have one item that Americans can try without requiring international airfare. Here in the U.S., the National Cherry Blossom Festival just kicked off in Washington, D.C., where it runs through April 14.


Shake Shack loves to play with shake flavors. In February, we reported on another limited-edition drink from the chain, the salted vanilla toffee milkshake. Cherry blossom is a cool seasonal theme for a milkshake, but it’s far from the weirdest milkshakes ever