Sandwich of the Week: Le Bilboquet’s Le Croque Monsieur


Le Bilboquet’s croque monsieur.

Le Bilboquet has been pleasing diners’ palates for nearly 30 years with their classic French fare. Now, in addition to the Upper East Side location, the global sensation has opened outposts in São Paulo, Dallas, and Atlanta, with plans for more in the future. Serving signature dishes and newly inspired classics to chic locals and travelers alike, the restaurant has become a destination for its high-end and fanciful weekend brunch.

Served at all their locations, the Riviera-inspired, Champagne-laden brunch features dishes such as poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, Canadian bacon, and an English muffin and crêpes with a caramelized blend of fresh orange juice and Grand Marnier. Every menu item is a classic French delight, and that includes their signature croque monsieur.

Ham and Gruyère are layered between fresh pieces of brioche bread before being topped with béchamel and grilled so that a layered of crispy, gooey cheese adheres to the outside. It's all served with a side of fries and a small salad.


To chef Julien Jouhannaud, adding this classic dish to Le Bilboquet’s brunch menu was an obvious choice. He knows that brunch should be a decadent affair, and serves "a classic le croquet monsieur — or a French ham and cheese sandwich, covered in a cheesy béchamel — but a sizable portion compared to other French restaurants to offer our guests a plentiful dish." We always love a chef who understands what his clientele are looking for and gives it to them, which is why chef Jouhannaud’s le croquet monsieur is this week’s Sandwich of the Week.