Sandwich of the Week: Jon Smith Subs’ Steak Bomb

Jon Smith Subs serves its huge steak sub at all nine of its Southeast Florida locations

Jon Smith Subs

The Steak Bomb.

Jon Smith Subs has one mission, and one mission only: to serve the highest-quality, large-portioned, enticing subs possible. It uses premium meats that are sliced every day, and the same goes for its vegetables. The Italian and whole wheat rolls are also baked daily, and it prides itself on the cleanliness of its nine locations — so much so, its employees will even show you around the kitchens if you ask.

It offers a number of marinated chicken subs, like a glazed teriyaki chicken with grilled onions, mushrooms, teriyaki honey glaze, sesame seeds, and Provolone cheese; giant deli subs, such as one piled high with Genoa salami, smoked ham, pepperoni, capicola, and Provolone; and marinated sirloin steak subs, including its signature Steak Bomb.

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We asked owner Jon Smith to break down the creation of the sandwich, and he explained that they “start with sirloin steak from the butcher then we trim, slice, season, marinate, and cook [it] to order. Then we add our fresh-sliced onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and crisp bacon. We top it off with creamy provolone cheese, and voila!” Every ingredient of the chain’s signature sub is held to their high standards of quality, and that’s why it’s this week’s Sandwich of the Week.

1048 S. Military Trail
West Palm Beach (West), FL 33406