Sandwich of the Week: The Heyward’s French Toast Breakfast Sandwich

The decadent dish is a new menu item at this charming Brooklyn restaurant

The Heyward’s French toast breakfast sandwich.

The Heyward opened in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood just before the holidays last year, on December 16, 2014. It took over the Zebulon concert venue, which had sat empty for more than two years, and transformed it into a quintessentially Brooklyn space. The mostly black and white interior boasts dark hardwood floors, a tin ceiling, a curved raw bar, and a touch of color from the sage green wainscot paneling.

The menu focuses on refined Southern fare made with locally sourced and house-made ingredients, and popular dinner dishes include spicy glazed octopus with andouille sausage ragù, fava beans, and wilted greens; grilled hanger steak with watercress, fig sauce vierge, Humboldt Fog cheese, crispy yams, and peppercorn vinaigrette; and house-made pappardelle with English peas, gold bar zucchini, fresh mint, and citrus ricotta. They also serve a weekend brunch with dishes like shrimp and grits and their newest menu item: the French toast breakfast sandwich.

The decadent new dish features thinly sliced salty country ham and perfectly scrambled Cheddar cheese-infused eggs sandwiched between two pieces of fluffy, custardy brioche French toast. For that extra touch of sugary sweetness, the dish is served with fresh fig jam and real maple syrup and dusted with powdered sugar.

When The Heyward team designed the sandwich, they “were all on the same page on this one for sure,” co-owner Che Stipanovich told us. “Brunch has to be one of the most celebrated meals of the week. Usually with good friends, usually after a late night... We wanted a dish that was a bit of a beast to bring all that together, so we went back to some of our favorite childhood breakfasts and then just made a way for them to work together. The way you would if you were a kid again. A French toast, ham, egg, and cheese sandwich with jam and syrup. Makes perfect sense to us.”

And to us, too, Mr. Stipanovich, which is why it’s this week’s Sandwich of the Week.


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