Sandwich of the Week: Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken’s The Smorgasbird

This casual eatery on New York’s Lower East Side has a month-long challenge for fried chicken-lovers

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken’s The Smorgasbird.

America loves fried chicken. A classic Southern staple, these crispy, golden brown breasts, legs, thighs, and wings can be found all across America, from Roscoe’s in Los Angeles to Lucy’s in Austin and Willie Mae’s in New Orleans. We love it so much, we’ve named July 6 National Fried Chicken Day, which was when New York’s Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken debuted The Smorgasbird. 

It’s a double-decker fried chicken sandwich stuffed with the joint’s Game Day Fries — giant fries loaded with barbecue chicken, smoked bacon, gooey aged Cheddar, sour cream, and pickled peppers; grilled pineapple; shredded lettuce; sliced tomato; Blue Ribbon special sauce; and barbecue sauce.

Although it was released in hour of National Fried Chicken Day, it’s available all month long — as is your chance to participate in the Smorgasbird Challenge:  Eat the sandwich in under five minutes and you'll be entered to win a Hail Mary Platter of 25 whole wings, 25 tenders, and one side. The best part is, 20 percent of the proceeds will be will be donated to MS Society. Inhaling delicious fried chicken and helping out a good cause? We love a challenge for charity — which is why The Smorgasbird is this week’s Sandwich of the Week.


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