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Riverdale’s ‘Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe’ Diners Are Opening Around Canada for 2 Days Only

Maybe Veronica Lodge will pick up the tab

The name “Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe” might ring a bell for fans of Archie Comics and CW front-runner drama Riverdale. The 24-hour diner is practically a second home to Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Jughead. The group regularly gathers here for burgers, milkshakes, and the latest gossip on murder, affairs, and drug-trafficking. Now, super-fans of the show can visit too, for a limited time at pop-up locations around Canada.

On October 10, Netflix Canada announced via Twitter that eight Pop’s diners would be opening October 12 and 13 around the country. On Thursday, you can visit one at Rocko’s Family Diner in Mission, Boogie’s Burgers in Calgary, Zak’s Diner in Ottawa, and Fran’s Restaurant in Toronto. On Friday, Pop’s diners will be located at Route 99 Diner in Edmonton, Fran’s Restaurant in Toronto, The Lakeview in Toronto, and The Templeton in Vancouver, where the show is filmed.

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According to a Facebook post by Netflix, anyone who visits a pop-up location will get a free milkshake, and they’ll also be able to try on Riverdale costumes. Each spot is open from 7 to 11 p.m. To stateside fans unable to visit a Canadian Pop’s: throw on your Southside Serpents jacket and head to one of America’s 10 best 24-hour diners.

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