The New Burgers That Everyone Is Talking About Gallery

Some amazing new burgers have popped up across the country recently

The New Burgers That Everyone Is Talking About

The Burger Renaissance is well into its second decade by this point, and by all accounts, it doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to slowing down. We’d bet money that a burger shows up on more restaurant menus than any other food item, and we’ll be the first to tell you that this is a very good thing. But not all burgers are created equal. These 15 burgers have popped up on menus across the country recently, and they’re getting a ton of buzz.

4 Charles Prime Rib, New York City

4 Charles Prime Rib, New York City

Go B./Yelp

New York City’s best new burger is one of its most elusive, and it boasts quite the provenance: It’s served at the impossible-to-get-a-table-at 4 Charles Prime Rib, and it’s from the mind of Brandon Sodikoff, the brains behind one of Chicago’s best burgers, served at his Au Cheval. Similar to its sister burger in Chicago, this one is made up of two four-ounce prime beef patties, topped with American cheese, pickles, onions, mayo, and Dijon, and served on a soft white bun. It’s got that perfect level of heft, a wonderful char, and an ideal interplay of all its components. Lettuce and tomato, an egg, and bacon are available, but it’s perfect without them.

Alta MSP, San Francisco

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Bauer is a huge fan of the burger at Daniel Patterson’s new location of Alta in Dogpatch. The burger, a thick patty topped with aged Cheddar, bacon, lettuce, and bread and butter pickles, is now on Bauer’s “favorites’ list,” and the locals have begun to take notice as well.

Bonhomie, Austin

Bonhomie, Austin

James F./Yelp

The burger at Bonhomie is simple — it’s just two patties, cheese, onion, pickle, and dijonnaise — but it’s astoundingly delicious, and nothing short of perfect.

Burgerim, Las Vegas

The hottest new burgers in Las Vegas come courtesy of Burgerim, an Israeli chain that does burgers a little bit differently. While not exactly sliders, these burgers are small — 2.8 ounces, to be exact — and 11 different patties (including dry-aged beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, veggie, and falafel), two buns, five sauces, and 13 toppings are available. You’re going to want to buy at least two.

City Mouse, Chicago

Located in the ground floor restaurant of the Ace Hotel, City Mouse is serving a spectacular burger during brunch and dinner service. It’s comprised of two perfectly seared patties topped with American cheese, special sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles, and it hits all the right notes.

Ella Elli, Chicago

Ella Elli, Chicago

Eda X./Yelp

The burger at Ella Elli is definitely unique — and about as French as it gets. The patty is crusted with peppercorns like steak au poivre, and it’s topped with Saint-André (a triple cream cheese similar to Brie), cornichons, and watercress. No other burger is quite like it.

Esker Grove, Minneapolis

One of the best museum restaurants in the country serves one of its best new burgers. Located inside the Walker Art Center, Esker Grove serves a spectacular burger during lunch hours. The buttered and toasted bun is baked on-premises, the patty is local chuck that’s been salt-cured overnight before being ground and mixed with butter, it’s topped with two slices of American cheese and lettuce, and stone-ground mustard and housemade aïoli are condiments. It’s a beauty!

FM Kitchen, Houston

FM Kitchen, Houston

FM Kitchen and Bar/Yelp

Recently ranked Houston’s best new burger by Houston Press, the creation at chef Ryan Hildebrand’s restaurant was born from a desire to one-up Shake Shack, and it does so admirably. It’s a simple burger, made up of a smallish patty, a bunch of melty American cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a soft and squishy bun, and it perfectly hits the spot. And best of all, it’s only $5.89.

Hinoki & The Bird, Los Angeles

This burger has been around for a little over a year, but it’s still worthy of mention. The popular Hinoki & The Bird only offers this burger between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, but it’s definitely worth leaving work early for. Inspired by the Japanese street food called okonomiyaki, this burger starts with two thin, crusty patties that are charcoal grilled to medium rare, which are topped with sharp white Cheddar, umami-packed bonito mayo and tonkatsu sauce, pickled jalapeños, Fresno chiles, carrots, shallots, and thinly sliced heirloom tomato, and tucked into a house-made honey potato bun. To repeat: This is a burger worth leaving work early for.

LocoL, Los Angeles

Say what you will, the burger at the new fast-casual concept (and 2016’s restaurant of the year) from Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson definitely has people talking. Its “burg” is only about 70 percent beef, with the rest filled out with tofu and grains. The patty is topped with lettuce, pickle relish, and special sauce, and it’s served on a sturdy bun devised by Tartine Bakery’s Chad Robertson. LocoL is one of the most-discussed restaurants in LA right now, and its burger is unlike any other around.

Loring Place, New York City

Chef Dan Kluger, previously of ABC Kitchen, made a triumphant return to the NYC dining scene last year with Loring Place, and its burger is magnificent. The seven-ounce patty is made of house-ground Niman Ranch short rib, brisket, and chuck; and it’s topped with lettuce, tomato, thick-sliced bacon, Cato Corners vivace cheese, house-made special sauce, and pickled pepper and charred onion aïoli, and served on a milk bun.

Paley, Los Angeles

Paley, Los Angeles

Suany W./Yelp

Hollywood’s insanely popular Paley is turning out an equally insanely popular burger. The patty is composed of chuck, short rib, brisket, and trim from dry-aged strips, and it’s served in a brioche bun and topped with aïoli, caramelized onions, and a cheesy Mornay sauce made with Gouda.

Pig Bleecker, New York City

Pig Bleecker, New York City

JohnnyPrimeC. C./Yelp

Pig Bleecker, from the folks behind Pig Beach in Brooklyn, is one of New York’s most exciting (and fun) new restaurants, and their burger is universally beloved. It’s a messy affair, with two patties, pickles, plenty of cheese, and secret sauce, and it’s a doozy.

Sauvage, Brooklyn

Sauvage, Brooklyn

Monique D./Yelp

Greenpoint’s Sauvage might be a little bit precious, but there’s nothing precious about its astounding burger. It’s a hulking double-patty creation, covered in Cheddar, a bracing cornichon and onion relish, and Dijon, and it’s served on a perfectly-sized sesame seed bun.

The Impossible Burger / Beyond Meat, Nationwide

If we’re having a conversation about the burgers that everyone is talking about these days, it’s impossible to leave out two meatless burgers: the Impossible Burger and the one made by Beyond Meat. They’re popping up in supermarkets and more restaurants than we can name (including Umami Burger), and their claim to fame is that they actually “bleed” like real beef thanks to a yeast-derived compound called heme (in the case of the Impossible Burger) or the addition of beet juice (in Beyond Meat’s offering). Expect to be seeing a lot more of these in the near future, maybe even at your favorite restaurant. Read all about the 101 best burgers in America here.