Ridiculous Bacon Products Slideshow

Bacon Salt

This is the product that helped launched the fad in 2007: flavored salt crystals that "make everything taste like bacon."

Gummy Bacon

It’s just like gummy bears or gummy worms, but it looks like bacon (and, fortunately, tastes like candy).

Bacon Vodka

Wikimedia Commons/Svenliden

For years, vodka has been available in berry- and vanilla-flavored versions. But now there’s Bakon: premium vodka infused with the flavor of bacon. Maybe it’s not such a stretch — vodka is often made from potatoes, which do taste great with bacon.

Bacon-Flavored Envelopes

Instead of getting a taste of glue whenever you lick the flap of one of these pink-and-white-swirled envelopes, you get a mouthful of artificial bacon flavor.

Bacon-Flavored Dental Floss and Toothpicks

Because bacon tastes better than string and wood.

Bacon Wristbands

A parody of the yellow Lance Armstrong "Livestrong" cancer-awareness bracelets, these are marbled pink and white, and emblazoned with the word "bacon" to promote awareness of… bacon.

Bacon Soap

At one time, most soap was made from animal fat, and bacon is just salted pork fat and meat. Fragrances and chemicals are added, so you shouldn’t eat it, but it’s still bacon you can wash with.


Two of the world’s unhealthiest foods — bacon and mayonnaise — combined into one fatty concoction.

Bacon Action Figures

These come in a set of two: the heroic, all-American, strip-shaped "Mr. Bacon" and his nemesis, the evil, cube-shaped "Monsieur Tofu."