Red Lobster Secret Menu

Does Red Lobster have a secret menu?
Red Lobster Secret Menu

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There are some secret menu items at Red Lobster.

Secret menus are more of a fast food phenomenon than a sit-down restaurant one, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any off-menu items at restaurants like Red Lobster that servers will be more than happy to bring you; all you need to do is ask. While you’re not suddenly going to be able to order a rack of ribs, there are certain tweaks and tricks that aren’t on the menu that you have to ask for. Here are five “secret menu” Red Lobster items.

Onion Strings
Some entrees come topped with onion strings, which means that there’s plenty on hand. Ask your server to bring you a plate of them as a starter and you can enjoy them on their own.

Grilled Lobster
Red Lobster doesn’t always have fresh lobster available, but when they do it’s listed on the menu as being steamed and served whole. If you’d prefer your lobster grilled, you can ask that they cut it in half and grill it for you instead of serving it steamed.

Olive Oil Instead of Butter
If you’d prefer that your fish or shrimp be cooked in olive oil instead of butter, all you have to do is ask. Fresh seafood can also be simply steamed.

Gluten-Free Options
If you’re looking to eat a gluten-free meal, just tell your server and they’ll be more than happy to accommodate by either making modifications to your dish or suggesting ones that contain no gluten. You can also find a full allergen guide here.


Your Favorite Special
If you loved the shrimp linguini Alfredo or teriyaki grilled shrimp the last time you visited but don’t see it on the menu anymore, just ask your server if it’s something that they’d be able to whip up for you. Just because it’s not still on the menu doesn’t mean they don’t still have the ingredients in the back, but don’t be disappointed if they turn you down.