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Ram Tries Breaking Into Liquor Store in Canada: Watch

Poor guy just wanted a bagged wine

A liquor store worker is earning praise for her efforts in turning away an aggressive customer, and it wasn’t because he wasn’t of legal drinking age. Security footage from a liquor store in Novia Scotia, Canada, shows a horny ram bashing his head into automatic glass doors, ultimately reaching the business’ vestibule. When employee Yvonne Smith noticed the rampant beast, she challenged him to a stand-off.

“All I could think of was, ‘Oh my god, we’re going to lose some product here. And it’s not going to be good,” Smith told CBC News. “There was no way it was going to come in, not if I had [any say]. I was preventing him.”

Smith shooed the ram with her arms and legs, using one of the sliding door panels the ram had blasted from its track as a shield. She even set her coffee down to push him outside with a shopping cart. The animal’s owner, Leroy d’Entremont, says he was just looking for somebody to love.

“He was looking for ewes to breed, it’s breeding season. He was trying to find a bar,” d’Entremont told CBC News. “It ended up on the neighbor’s back patio and it smashed in the back patio door, then it ended up across the road at the liquor store. The good thing is he didn’t get into the liquor store. He has horns and he knows how to use them.”

d’Entremont’s wife and brother came to gather the ram and bring him back home, meaning the rampaging ruminant was ultimately less successful than the female possum who recently got drunk on bourbon after raiding a liquor store in Florida. For more food stories within the critter kingdom, here are the world’s oldest animals and what they eat.

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