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Popular Summer Foods For 2020

Explore the world from home
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As state stay-at-home restrictions begin to ease some restaurants have started to reopen, but their most popular menu items may look different. While diners are willing to sit on restaurant patios and wear masks, traveling is a completely different story. In light of many vacation plans getting canceled, Grubhub predicts that these foods from around the world will spike during summer 2020. 

The Most Iconic Food From Every State

To make its predictions, Grubhub looked at the top foods over the last two summers, as well as newly trending items and other summer favorites. The food delivery service anticipates that diners will look for new ways to experience top travel destinations this summer, and that way will be through food. 

Vegetable biryani

Vegetable biryani, a popular dish in India, is pegged to be a summer favorite this year. The staple is a great way to experience the culture of India — which has some of the most beautiful temples in the world — from home. Typically cooked with rice and a variety of vegetables and spices, the dish is the perfect option for a simple weeknight dinner meal

Spinach and artichoke wonton

Say goodbye to classic retro appetizers, because spinach and artichoke wontons are the newest summer starter. Predicted to be a popular dish this year, spinach and artichoke wontons combine two popular appetizers into one dish. And if you'd like to try making the appetizer yourself instead of ordering out, here are some helpful tips for how to fry food at home

Mexican shrimp cocktail

In addition to India, Grubhub predicts that summer travelers will want to experience the delights of Mexico as well, one of the most mysterious places in the world. And while Grubhub believes that Mexican shrimp cocktail will be a summer staple, there are plenty of other Mexican recipes that you should try making at home

Black bean and quinoa bowl

It looks like taste buds will be going vegetarian this summer with black bean and quinoa bowls. But, it's no surprise that diners are craving quinoa. The grain originated in Peru, which is one of those travel experiences that will change your life.  

Balsamic chicken salad


Last but not least, Grubhub predicts that diners will be in the mood for balsamic chicken salad this summer. That makes sense, chicken is a refreshing and light staple during warmer months, especially when mixed into a salad. And while Grubhub has already predicted four of this summer's most popular dishes, it doesn't have to end there. Take you summer abroad, from home, with these recipes for food from around the world that can be made at home.