Pop Culture-Savvy Girl Scout Troop Uses Leonardo DiCaprio to Sell More Cookies

A Long Island Girl Scout troop managed to capitalize brilliantly on an important moment at the 2016 Oscars

‘Leo buys Girl Scout cookies at the Awards. Leo wins an Oscar.’ 

An ambitious New York Girl Scouts troop had the genius idea to take advantage of Leonardo DiCaprio’s star power — after The Revenant star won his first Oscar this year — to sell more cookies.

DiCaprio, who was photographed gazing serenely at a box of Trefoils — also known as shortbread cookies — not long before his Best Actor win, was turned into the Girl Scouts’ poster boy for the ideal cookie customer.

The troop made a poster of DiCaprio based on a popular Internet meme called “Be Like Bill,” which follows a simple format that urges readers to emulate the actions of a smart man named Bill, or in this case, Leo.

“This is Leo,” the poster reads. “Leo wants an Oscar. Leo buys Girl Scout cookies at the Awards. Leo wins an Oscar. Leo is smart. Be like Leo. Buy Girl Scout cookies.”

Since the Girl Scouts shared the entrepreneurial poster on its official Facebook page on Monday, the image has been liked 60,000 times and shared nearly 20,000 times. As for the customer response, the Suffolk County, Long Island-based troop told ABC News that the pitch-perfect poster did indeed drive up sales.


“It made people stop at the table to read the sign, and then we were able to ask them to buy cookies,” the troop said. “It’s hard to say no to a Girl Scout.”