Poll: Would You Let a Walmart Delivery Person Stock Your Fridge While You Are Not Home?

Convenient for dinner or convenient for crime?

The mega-retailer is testing out the idea of a personal service that delivers groceries all the way to your refrigerator even when you are not home.

Walmart is testing out a new personal service that delivers groceries all the way to your refrigerator, even when you’re not home.

The service is provided through a partnership with the smart-doorbell company August Home and the crowdsourced same-day delivery service Deliv.

The service is marketed for busy families or working professionals who are short on time and can’t get to the supermarket, with the intention of reducing stress around having food in the house and on the table for dinnertime. The only twist is that service subscribers would have to be okay with the idea of a stranger in their home.

Customers would be notified when deliveries are taking place and will have the option to stream the process with provided cameras. The delivery person can only enter the home with a one-time passcode.

In a blog post announcing the trial run of the service, Walmart vice president Sloan Eddleston marveled, "Think about that — someone else does the shopping for you AND puts it all away.”

Social media users have expressed a so-so response to the idea, with many Twitter users worrying that unattended strangers in their homes could result in safety issues and crime.

Walmart is not the only brand with new food delivery concepts. Amazon is looking to deliver Shake Shack and Chipotle to its customers with a digital order and pay technology called Olo, Bloomberg reports. In a statement, the Seattle-based company explained that the partnership will “create a seamless ordering experience that will make it easier for restaurants to make delicious food fast.”

So we had to wonder: Would you let a Walmart delivery person stock your fridge while you are not home? Take our poll below and let us know if this service is more creepy or convenient. And then click here to learn about 10 things you didn’t know about the food at Walmart