Pizza Rat Is Back in NYC: Watch Him in Action

The NYC A-lister made his first public appearance in 3 years

Pizza Rat is back.

Everyone’s favorite viral internet sensation made a triumphant return to a New York City subway station in the Upper East Side on April 28. Pizza Rat — who first graced us with his presence in 2015 — was spotted slinging a slice on the train tracks at the Lexington Avenue MTA hub. A star-struck Michael Courant saw the shocking scene unfold directly before his eyes.

“I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT! I repeat: I JUST SAW #PizzaRat! #Blessed,” the New Yorker wrote on Twitter.

The original video, posted on YouTube by comedian Matt Little, now has over 10 million views. Could this be the exact same rodent that stole our hearts three years prior? Has he emerged from the depths of the sewers itching for a second slice? Urban rats can live up to three years, so this truly could be our guy! If not, we can pretend it’s his son or grandson.

Expert food critic and pizza-eater extraordinaire Arthur Bovino has a lot of questions, and is concerned about whether or not the hungry vermin has actually gotten to eat his slice.

“Poor Pizza Rat. The first time he was chased off while dragging it down the stairs. This time the video cuts out with him dragging a slice down the tracks. He's beginning to feel like the Charlie Brown of the Instagram food video world,” Bovino told The Daily Meal. “Does he ever actually get to eat the pizza? And where'd he get that from? Cassiano's? Seems like the nearest likely slice shop to the Lexington Avenue/59th Street subway station. Will someone from Cassiano's please give Stuart a slice he can eat in peace?”

You heard him, somebody give Ratatouille a hand. Let him live his life! Those elsewhere can live vicariously through the Big Apple’s mascot with the best pizza in every state.