peanuts and coca-cola

Peanuts and Coke Is the Southern Tradition Most of the Internet Doesn't Know About

Have you heard of this old-school snack?
peanuts and coca-cola

After a video about an old-school Southern snacking favorite — peanuts and Coca-Cola —went viral, the internet has been reeling. 

According to the majority of Southern Twitter, peanuts and Coca-Cola has been a thing since forever. However, the rest of the United States thinks it’s totally nuts. The salty, sugary, savory, sweet flavor combination is beloved by many — and bless their hearts, the rest of Twitter is trying it for themselves and tearing the whole idea apart.

It all began with NowThis News making a little informational video on the Southern-classic, peanuts and Coca-Cola. Many Southerners remembered growing up drinking this concoction (or remember that their parents did), and many claim that it’s absolutely delicious.

But people not from the South, uh, were a little hesitant to say the least.

“If you haven’t tried peanuts in Coke, you haven’t lived. Don’t knock it until you’ve tasted it. Salt, sugar, sweet savory. My lunch. All three food groups if you add Fritos,” tweeted Colorado Springs Gazette columnist Woody Paige in response to the video.

“Yes, a long time tradition in NC,” tweeted Dr. Dion. “I hated Coke with peanuts in it as a child (still do actually) so my mom would put peanuts in hers so she could drink her soda in peace.

The good old days.”

One Twitter user explained that the drink was from the Depression era and that it was what people ate and drank when it was all they could afford. “My grandfather (b in rural TN in the 20s) taught me to do this. He said during the depression he often had just enough money for a Coke and some peanuts. Pouring the peanuts in the Coke meant he could keep working, and the combination of protein and sugar made a cheap meal/snack,” she tweeted.

But many younger people who’ve grown up in the South, as well as people across the country, have never heard of it and are roasting the peanut-soda combo as disgusting. “I’m southern and this just looks nasty. Whole lotta NOPE!” exclaimed @mkford79.

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. tried the mixture for himself and even filmed the experience.

He was highly unimpressed with the concoction, but his experiment prompted a whole bunch of responses about other early Southern regional dishes.

“From what I can gather from all these responses, Peanuts in Coca-Cola is apparently an old school segregation snack that made it all the way to the 80s. Anyone still doing it now is just enjoying a classic. Also there are people putting peppermints in their pickles,” he tweeted.

This old school snack may be a little divisive, but peanuts in Coke is a far cry from these 25 retro recipes you won’t believe people actually made.

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