Panorama Music Festival 2016: LA Comes to NYC for a Weekend

The organizers of Coachella brought a successful weekend of music and food to New York

Loosie Rouge

Loosie Rouge featured a Katz po’boy (with Katz pastrami) that was as creative as it was tasty — the French fries inside the sandwich added an interesting texture.


Among other options at Maman was a matcha-flavored ice cream sandwich that was the perfect cool-off treat for the assembled crowds.

Two Guys Fries

Two Guys Fries offered New Yorkers their delicious dipping sauces along with a pile of French fries.

Roberta's Pizza

Roberta’s Pizza offered hand-made individual pizzas (they even brought their own ovens) to Panorama. Bonus points for the delicious (and aptly named) Bee Sting pizza, topped with pepperoni and a honey drizzle.

Sweet Chili

Sweet Chili offered a little spice to all comers, like in these Siracha fries that look as good as they tasted.

Arancini Bros

Arancini Bros brought to Panorama their famous fried risotto balls, which did not disappoint. Their wide range of flavors appealed to all comers and were each delicious in their own right.


Eggloo’s interesting take on the ice cream waffle cone — the Chinese egg waffle had a waffle taste but with the texture of edible bubble wrap — was immensely popular with the sweltering crowds, and continuously drew long lines. 

The Bao Shoppe

The Bao Shoppe was a popular choice, quickly running out of their signature pork belly bao. However, the chicken bao was still, per my notes, “everything I dreamed of,” excellently seasoned and perfectly prepared.

Excell's Kingston Eatery

I didn’t expect to go here at the beginning, but their jerk chicken was simply amazing. Plus, the array of sides that came with it tasted surprisingly fresh for festival fare. Excell's Kingston Eatery was definitely a highlight of the weekend.

The Beatrice Inn

Those searching for a more gourmet taste at Panorama found their way to The Beatrice Inn. The “Lamborgini” with arugula and berry compôte on top of a lamb patty, was an unexpected yet delicious culinary exploration in the Panorama sun. 


The Brooklyn-based company brought their homemade doughnuts in all their coconut goodness to delighted New Yorkers.

Hebros Kitchen

Hebros Kitchen offered both authentic falafel and non-traditional mac and cheese with a choice of meat inside. Pita and Mac and Cheese are not exactly similar cuisines, but Hebros’ Mediterranean-inspired Mac was both unique and somehow just as good as its other offerings.

Marty's V Burger

Marty’s served up its veggie burgers at Panorama to vegetarians and culinarily curious folk alike. All parties were treated to a veggie burger that wins plaudits for not trying to recreate the taste of a burger, instead simply creating a chewy patty of spicy, vegetable goodness.