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Oreo's New Candy Bar Tastes Just Like a Thin Mint

This candy bar gives Girl Scout cookies a run for their money

Oreo and Germany-based chocolate brand Milka have conceived a Thin Mint-esque lovechild just in time for National Candy Day. Crunchy bits of cookie, mint crème filling, and rich chocolate constitute this cocoa confectionary, which was first spotted by junk-food Instagram @junkbanter on the shelves of WaWa.

“It’s a mellow mint that doesn’t overpower, which is great because it highlights their high-quality milk chocolate too,” the account wrote. “Creamy chocolate and smooth mint blend seamlessly, right down the middle for balance.”

People are taken aback: They want their chocolate, and they want it now. “YESSSS these are in the US now!! I can finally stop sulking about not getting to finish the other one because it melted,” @emonnoleto wrote in the comments section of @junkbanter’s post.

“Purchased one at CVS earlier. They taste EXACTLY like a thin mint IMO. I will be going back to purchase more,” @jegglejuice said.

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With all the excitement, it’s no secret that we have some taste-testing to do this week. But, it wouldn’t be the first time Oreo has delivered unconventionally kooky cookie-stuff. You can find red velvet, watermelon, and more in the craziest Oreo flavors ever.