Thin Mint Cookie-Flavored Beer Is Here

Southern Tier Brewing Company in New York has created a beer inspired by the famous Girl Scout cookies

The Girl Scouts have grown up.

Girl Scout cookie fever has reached a frenzy, and if you’re searching for an adult beverage to pair with your sweet stash, look no further than Southern Tier Brewing Company in Lakewood, New York. This craft brewery has created a Thin Mint cookie-flavored beer cleverly named called Thick Mint. It’s part of a decadent dessert-flavored brewski lineup called the Blackwater Series, which includes Choklat, Crème Brûlée, Salted Caramel, and Mokah.

The Thick Mint beer is brewed with mint and cocoa nibs and, for obvious reasons, is not officially endorsed by the Girl Scouts, according to Food & Wine. You can find Thick Mint, as well as the rest of Southern Brewing Company’s tasty beers, at their New York location, Pittsburgh location, or various regional retail outlets and bars in the Northeast.

“We made big waves when we introduced Choklat in 2007,” the Thick Mint bottle reads. “Since then, our affection for decadent, flavorful, dessert-like beers and a zeal to venture into the far corners of the flavor world have been the drivers in our endless quest to brew the perfect indulgence.”


This is not the first time we’ve seen Girl Scout cookie-flavored beer. In 2013, Cervecería de MateVeza created an entire line of flavored beers, one for each type of cookie.