One Woman Posed as Salad on Tinder, and You Won't Believe the Responses She Got

Can a salad find true love?

Photo Modified: Flickr/ Kurman Communications/ CC4.0

Would you swipe right or left?

Have you spent any time swiping around on Tinder? It’s OK, you don’t need to answer that question. But even if you’re only tangentially aware of what Tinder is, you most likely know that it’s a place where you can upload a photo of yourself and contact people who you’re interested in getting to know better. Most people tend to actually pose as themselves on Tinder because the ultimate objective is to meet face-to-face, but what happens when someone instead chooses to pose as a salad? One Buzzfeed writer decided to do just that, and the results were pretty hilarious.

After posting a “woman laughing with salad” photo as well as a simple “Salad, 20” description, the potential matches started pouring in.

Most people simply tried to match wits, generally unsuccessfully. Whether the salad found true love or not remains to be seen.