5 Regionally Inspired Salads

The perfect way to pack fruits and vegetables into your diet

Not only do these salads look beautiful, they make for the perfect quick lunch.

September is the time to use up the last of your fresh summer produce and redefine your lunch. Salads are a perfect way to pack in lots of fruits and veggies for a refreshing and healthy midday meal. Ball canning jars are the perfect vehicle for packing salads, allowing you to prepare completely ahead of time and making for a quick shake-and-eat lunch.

Not only does layering salad in a jar look pretty, this method also keeps ingredients separate to avoid wilting. Not to mention – easy transportation to the office or classroom! These colorful, flavor-filled recipes are inspired by trends from across the globe and will make all your lunch buddies jealous!

Rich with sesame flavor from the seeds and dressing, the cabbage and carrots help this Mason Jar Asian Salad keep its crunch all day long. Add chicken for a boost of protein while keeping this option low-calorie.

Asian Salad

mason jar salads


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A favorite salad for many, this simple Caprese Salad in a Jar will bring an Italian flair to your lunchbox and is quick to prepare. Not to mention, fresh tomatoes and basil are especially delicious this time of year.

Mason Jar Caprese Salad

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Inspired by a classic Mexican staple, Organize Yourself Skinny’s Chopped Taco Mason Jar Salad has all the fixings you could want on a taco but keeps things lighter with ground turkey instead of beef and Greek yogurt in place of sour cream. Adjust the level of spice based on personal taste!

Chopped Taco Salad

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This interpretation of an American favorite will have you looking forward to lunch, with plenty of nutrient-rich foods to keep you going through the afternoon. Fit Foodie Finds’ homemade raspberry vinaigrette on this Spring Cobb Salad will also give this classic salad a sweet edge.

Spring Cobb Salad

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Traditional Greek Salad consists of many garden-fresh ingredients cited in the Mediterranean Diet and will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. Make sure to layer the dressing first, followed by heavier ingredients – cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and olives – with the leafy greens topping it off.

Mason Jar Greek Salad

greek salad

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