New York's Best Big Bowls of Red Slideshow

Daisy May’s

Adam Perry Lang is an absolute genius. One of the few places to call their chili "Bowl O’Red," Daisy May’s has no tomato sauce but rather a bubbling thick rust-colored sauce made from a combination of whole-pod ancho, chipotle, and New Mexican Hatch chiles with cubes of beef. Sprinkle the top with raw red onion and shredded sharp Cheddar and YEE-HAW!

BV's Burgers

The Bobby Van’s burger joint hidden in the back alley (not unlike the Burger Joint in the Meridien Hotel) around the corner from the Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, with which it shares its kitchen, serves up a filet mignon chili so good that I can even forgive the inclusion of just a couple of pinto beans per cup. The filet mignon is ground finely and beefs up with its savoriness the sweet, predominantly tomato-based, sauce.

Hill Country Barbecue Market

Who better than Hill Country to create a great Bowl O'Red? EAK’s Bowl of Red is proudly named after Hill Country’s executive chef Elizabeth Karmel, and the ground beef and tomato are given a Texas kick with some additional jalapeño.

JG Melon

While I’m a fan of their cheeseburgers, the chili at JG Melon is extremely good, comforting, and makes for a superior condiment for their famous cottage fries.

McSorley’s Old Ale House

I'm usually a no-bean chili guy, but two McSorley's darks and a bowl of their chili with half a large bottle of Tabasco mixed in and I'm partying like it's 1895.