New Orleans’ The Big Cheezy Puts a New Spin on the Classic Grilled Cheese

This eatery raises the classic grilled cheese sandwich to new heights

This NOLA shop is pushing its cheesy sandwiches to the limit by stuffing them with items like bacon.

New Orleans’ The Big Cheezy came to life when owners Josh Fogarty and Adam York noticed that the city lacked a restaurant devoted to one particular comfort food: the grilled cheese sandwich. In March 2015, Fogarty and York’s dreams became a reality when The Big Cheezy opened the doors of its first location on Broad Street in Mid-City. Today, the duo run three locations throughout the New Orleans area dedicated to the beloved, childhood classic.

The restaurant uses gourmet cheeses and artesian breads to create what seems like a menu of endless possibilities. Patrons have the option to choose from a wide array of signature sandwiches like the fan favorite, The Mac N’ Cheezy, which offers a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with bacon mac and cheese. In addition, its Build It section of the menu allows visitors to get creative and create a cheesy masterpiece of their own.  

Though The Big Cheezy’s menu is comprised almost entirely of cheese sandwiches, a selection of salads (with cheese, of course) is offered to customers looking for a healthier alternative. The menu also features tomato Basil soup in a cup, bowl or dipper – the perfect size for sandwich dipping!

Aside from the original Broad Street location, The Big Cheezy now serves late-night fare out of Dragon’s Den in the French Quarter and also boasts a new location on Williams Boulevard in Kenner.

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