necco shut down

Necco Factory Shuttered, and Fans Are Panic Buying the Candy

The candy company was saved, then thrown to the sharks
necco shut down

Workers were told to pick up their final paychecks at the end of the week.

The future of Necco is looking grim after the firm that saved it abruptly shuttered the iconic confectioner’s Massachusetts factory. Round Hill Investments purchased the classic candy company at bankruptcy auction for $17.3 million on May 31 (after Spangler Candy Company’s winning $18.83 million bid fell apart). On July 24, the brand was sold to another candy manufacturer, and approximately 230 workers were let go on the spot at a “town-hall-style meeting” held in the cafeteria, the Boston Globe reports.

“Round Hill Investments was very excited to acquire Necco’s historic brands and to be part of their national resurgence,” a company spokesperson told the paper. “After careful engagement and consideration, however, the firm decided to sell the brands to another national confection manufacturer and today announced the closure of the operations in Revere, Massachusetts.”

The new owner has not been identified, and it is unclear at this time whether or not candy production at the factory will resume. Necco, which was founded in 1901, is famous for its Necco Wafers, Clark bars, Candy Buttons, and Sweethearts. In April, when panicked fans thought the confectioner would soon cease to exist, sales spiked more than 82 percent and one woman even offered to trade her car for the remaining stock. The latest news has inspired similar hysteria.

“Did I just buy a ridiculous amount of Necco wafers after hearing that the plant has closed? Yes. Yes, I did,” @jbf1755 wrote on Twitter.

“Just bought 16 rolls of NECCO wafers. Gonna savor them like Charlie with his chocolate bar,” @johnburnsnc said.


“Stocking up,” @jr68_m said.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Necco and Round Hill for comment. We have our fingers crossed in hope that the iconic brands don’t dissipate, but it wouldn’t be the first time good eats have been ripped from the public’s grasp. Take a stroll down memory lane with these 9 discontinued snack foods we wish they’d bring back.