Great Circle Coffee

Great Circle Coffee

Miami Specialty Coffee Roaster Offers Single-Origin and Organic Roasts

Great Circle Coffee Combines Generations of Coffee-Going Tradition With International Sustainability

Founded by Guatemala-native Sergio Boppel, Great Circle Coffee is a new small-batch coffee roaster in Miami. Great Circle distributes organic and non-organic products, which include year-round handcrafted blends, single-origin, or single-estate coffees and cold brews. Boppel practices sustainable purchasing when sourcing the beans from Guatemalan and Central American producers with a few sourced from East Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia.


Drawing on four generations of coffee-growing knowledge learned through his family in Guatemala, Boppel evaluated markets, processes, and technologies while forging tangible relationships with coffee producers. With a focus on training and education, Great Circle delivers coffee to each individual client in conjunction with the necessary knowledge-base to brew and prepare each style of coffee. Recently, Great Circle helped establish the coffee program at Nativ Café at the 1 Hotel on South Beach, utilizing a variety of their roasts including espresso, drip coffee and cold brew.


Some proceeds support meaningful initiatives and organizations such as the Café Femenino Foundation. Founded in 2004, the foundation encourages women toward social and economic independence through agricultural and coffee-specific efforts. Today, more than 4,000 coffee-growing women worldwide benefit from the program, seeing improvements in healthcare, education, access to micro-loans, and infrastructure. In line with their commitment to sustainable practices, Great Circle utilizes the innovative Loring roasting system, often referred to as the “Tesla of coffee roasting,” generates lower carbon dioxide emissions and uses less energy than traditional roasting machines.


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Great Circle Coffee is currently available by the bag or via a monthly subscription online, along with a selection of premium coffee supplies and Great Circle merchandise.