Mexican Restaurant Chain in Norway Throws Shade at Trump’s Wall

‘Mexican food so authentic Donald Trump would build a wall around it’

A Norwegian fast-casual Mexican food chain is majorly shading Donald Trump and his wall in a new ad campaign. Los Tacos has set up signs and window clings that read, “Mexican food so authentic Donald Trump would build a wall around it.”

While the sign does in fact give hard side-eye to Trump and his ridiculous idea for a border wall separating the United States from Mexico, no one has been shadier about the sign than social media users. People have posted photos of the signs in Norway and have pointed out that there have been similar (if not exactly the same signs) across the world since 2016. However, the resurgence of the signs has led social media users to absolutely roast Trump and applaud the signs.

Robert Reich, the former secretary of labor, posted a photo of one of the signs to his Facebook account and a slew of responses rolled in.

“And he’ll make Sweden pay for it,” added Facebook user Steve Roca to the sentence in the ad.

“That sign just increased sales by 400% - genius and not in the stable kind of way!” wrote Randall Stephens.

“I just love it when I see the entire world hating the Tangerine Turd. WE ARE NOT ALONE,” tweeted Penny Riker.

“Just saw a billboard in South Dakota that said “Mexican food is so good that Donald Trump will build a wall around it” South Dakota ur doing great sweetie,” tweeted Tatum.

Los Tacos has a pretty strong claim to be the sassiest Mexican restaurant in Norway, but we couldn’t say whether they’re the best. We can say these are the best Mexican restaurants in every U.S. state.