McDonald's New Happy Meal Swap Makes It Healthier for Kids

Fewer calories and less sugar!

McDonald’s is making the swap to a healthier juice option with fewer calories and lower sugar in their children’s Happy Meals.

McDonald’s will be incorporating a healthier fruit juice option in their Happy Meals beginning in November. The fast food chain replace the Minute Maid apple juice boxes with Honest Kids brand organic apple juices.

Both Minute Maid and Honest Kids are owned by Coca-Cola and contain no added sugar. However, Honest Kids contains 35 calories to Minute Maid’s 80 and only has 8 grams of sugar to Minute Maid’s 19.

Today Food reports that the cut-down in calories and sugar is due to Honest Kids apple juice being 42 percent juice whereas Minute Maid is 100 percent.

Spokeswoman Becca Hary told USA TODAY about the health-conscious decision. "This is part of a commitment by McDonald's to raise the bar on our food," Hary said. "We are committed to continuing our food journey for the benefit of our guests."


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