McDonald’s Record Holder Able to Prove Health Despite Eating 2 Big Macs Every Day for 46 Years

He should achieve his goal of 40,000 Big Macs when he is around 86 years old

Big Mac-obsessed Don Gorske, who came to fame in the 2004 McDonald’s documentary Super Size Me, has been able to prove that he is in excellent health despite eating two of his favorite McDonald’s burgers every day for the past 46 years. Gorske provided U.K. outlet The Sun with copies of his medical records from 1997, 2003, and 2011, all showing cholesterol levels below the recommended limit of 200.

"I love Big Macs so much I'll keep eating them until I die. If I live as long as my dad I'll pass 40,000,” he told the outlet. The Wisconsin man, reported to be 6 feet 2 inches tall and 195 pounds, is currently on burger No. 29,877 and is fast approaching his 30,000. His medical tests from the three reported years, which The Sun calls “undocumented but required for health insurance,” showed his cholesterol levels at 160, 150, and 165.

"For some reason, I never get sick, I just I'm lucky. My weight stays the same. I have a cholesterol of 160. I keep moving all the time, I like keeping busy. I spend a lot in the summer time going for walks," Gorske said of his health.

The former prison guard has held the Guinness world record for Big Mac consumption since 2001. Check out 11 other record-breaking food feats here.