'Machete' Star Danny Trejo Is Opening His Own Taco Restaurant

Danny Trejo, the grisly and imposing star of Machete and From Dusk till Dawn is getting ready for his next big project — a taco restaurant called Trejo's Tacos.

Trejo has yet to announce an opening date, but a sign for the Los Angeles restaurant bears the actor's very recognizable face. Trejo has promised to serve "some of the most delicious tacos known to man," including a number of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. A fried chicken taco, for instance, will coexist with an organic chopped kale salad and a "sneaky" quesadilla for kids, made from a mung bean tortilla. 

"This was a dream of my mom's really," Trejo told ABC. "We just kind of put it together." Aside from tacos, the upcoming restaurant also boasts horchata and kombucha, and Trejo's own L.A.-brewed beer on tap. Trejo's team is also working on developing the perfect ice cream sandwiches. 

Best of all, the actor will tackle food waste with his pledge to donate all the food left over after service to a local homeless shelter. "Nothing is kept overnight," Trejo told the Los Angeles Times