Little Caesars Location Closes After Mouse Droppings Found in Pizza Crust

We only want our crusts stuffed with cheese

An Indianapolis Little Caesars pizza shop was shut down on February 13 by health inspectors after customers complained that mouse droppings were baked into their pizza crust. Johnathan McNeil told local television station Fox 59 that his girlfriend noticed the issue first, after checking out their takeout pizza from the Little Caesars location at the intersection of 22nd Street and Meridian Street on their way home.

“She looked at the pizza and realized there was like doo-doo-looking stuff on the pizza,” he said. According to McNeil, they returned to the restaurant and showed the employees the issue, but they claimed to be unaware.

However, according to the Marion County Public Health Department’s website, the restaurant committed seven citations in 2017, four of which were for mice-related issues.

McNeil called the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and, at the advising of police, the Marion County Health Department. An emergency inspection was conducted, and the Little Caesars location’s license was suspended until the issue was corrected.

“They cooperated with us, they worked with us… they cleaned everything they needed to do,” Janelle Kaufman of the Marion County Health Department told Fox 59. The pizza chain has since re-opened after receiving an “all clear.”


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